Ask and ye shall

Ask and Ye


Shall Receive

This shall be a webpage about information you seek

This shall be a web page that is made especially for the seekers of truth and enlightenment, it shall contain information and links to help enlighten and guide you to wisdom and truth.

all is spirit

All is Spirit

An Exercise in Knowledge


As you seek, as you ask, then you seek again, then you ask again, you must not lose sight of the purpose of all this exploration, it is ultimately Wisdom,


you don't what to breeze through book after book without paying close attention to your thoughts about what you are reading, is there a bell going off in you mind? Is there a light that grabs your attention?


This is what you must pay attention to, some of these things that you skim through, must be studied thoroughly until the light or bell is acknowledged, there wouldn't be this effect unless it was something important to be found.


You may find that certain literature must be read a few times before the importance of it is realized, you may even find that you will oscillate between different books on different days back and forth just to engage your mind enough to absorb what is needed to be understood.


Just power reading a bunch of various books on various subjects will not bring you wisdom or truth, only the careful discrimination and absorption of the materials in their entirety will benefit you.


Seeking should not be limited to just the reading of materials, the watching of spiritual programs can change your studies up and switch your input to different senses.


And study also does not have to be your only input into the divine, meditation is study of within and can give you revelations pointing towards your next avenue of study.


Exercises in concentration can help keep your mind sharp and enable you to discriminate these inputs of your studies, even though they may seem boring and a waste of time, the value gained in patience will pay off in great amounts.


All study and work can be taxing on your brain, switch up sometimes to stuff that is interesting but not necessarily on your seeking path, and sometimes this act will lead you to fresh seeking leads,


it's just your subconscience or intuition that is changing the study game to keep it interesting, of course it isn't necessarily bad if you just read something interesting that doesn't lead you anywhere,


it just gives your brain a break, I kind of like some video dominoes or video cribbage to change my thought process once in a while.


When I first read the words "Ask and Ye Shall Receive" and the words "Seek and Ye Shall Find", I always thought they meant in the Bible, when I became a teenager, I realized that there were lots of interesting and enlightening things to be found everywhere,


I always bought books on subjects that interested me, but I wasn't so interested in novels or strictly entertaining books, the books that could tell me about myself or the human condition are what sparked my interests,


later in my training as an electronics technician, I would find interest in technical types of manuals, but my true passion was to expand my knowledge about the truth of reality, and it now continues on a daily basis.


     Ask and Ye Shall Find, Seek and ye shall Receive, a little play on these words found in the bible, yet they truly are interchangeable, it is not only the bible that impelled the seekers, most all other religions and beliefs are aware of seekers and seeking,


if you look at any reporter, you see a seeker that gets paid for his seeking, these people are lucky to have something to vent their driving passion for the truth, but they are limited by policy of the organization for which they work,


a free lance seeker has the advantage to seek what ever they please, limited only by time and their pocket book.


This passion for seeking can be accomplished by anyone with the drive and the subjects are varied, they do not have to be religious or spiritual, but they should be something that you are passionate about.


I am going to assume that most people that are truth seekers have some sort of agenda that they are working towards,


in my case it's a spiritual truth, there is a huge amount of data on this and these related subjects, I tend to steer away from subjects that I cannot personally benefit from,


exploring the unknown where there is no true knowledge gained is a selfish, indulgent waste of time in most cases, I of course do this sometimes for the entertainment aspects or to learn what other people seem to base their lives on,


mostly the subjects should have a true knowledge aspect to them and better yet if there is something for me to explore and experiment with to determine any of my own facts is a big plus, if it is something that I cannot participate in, I usually don't waste much of my time in it's pursuit.

Strike while the Iron is Hot

A Word to the Young


I was young once, I was interested in the supernatural, parapsychology, metaphysics and all of the new age stuff relatively early in my life, one time when I was 26, I started to meditate, I relaxed and started to chant Om mani padme om, I had done this chant about 5 or 6 times when BAM!, I was immersed in complete and total silence, my physical senses were completely disconnected from me and the silence was deafening, It scared the hell out of me and I aborted the meditation,


I had initially intended to go into the akashic records and ask a question, but being unprepared and not knowing what I was going to ask, threw me for a loop and freaked me out, the utter silence was like "Well, What is your Question?", and I blew it!.


When I was 28, I use to practice Vibroturgy as a service for people to either help them see things or to quench their curiosity, I was pretty good, until one day I saw something that I didn't like, I told someone that they would meet someone in or around a certain place, this proved to be so, but what I didn't tell them was that this someone was going to commit suicide which also came to be, I stopped doing that practice also.


In my 30's I went to parapsychology classes and also did well in the respect of exercising my psychic powers, nothing bad happened, but I just didn't have that great of interest to pursue it much further, I has astrally traveled, I had precognition's, I continued to have a good variety of phenomena happening to me.


The years went on and I had failed to try to develop any of these abilities, I was much more materially based and chased women to some extent, I drank and would sit and watch TV and play video games essentially wasting my life,


I continued to seek new knowledge in the unknown, when I was about 40, I started to see 11:11 everywhere and could not understand what it was, after exploring that phenomena, I found it was a call to enlightenment,


I continued to do what I did, but I found that I would explore unknown things in order to increase my knowledge about everything fairly regularly.


At 53 I got married to a Russian woman, it was a fear of being alone that caused this event, but it was not a terrible thing, this woman was psychic also, in a different way than I had known of commonly,


she was able to read auras and could see things in photographs, along with being able to read tarot cards, she was talented and used this service to put food on her table in Ukraine,


I continued to play video games and watch videos on Netflix, my diet had changed somewhat and I was somewhat more responsible, my drinking declined much and my seeking continued.


At this point of my life, the only abilities that I retained was the ability to have prophetic dreams, they would tell me of future events to happen in my life and I would ask questions about problems I had and would get answers in my dreams, or I would even be tested in my dreams to show me the error of my ways.


When I reached the age of 61, my seeking had accelerated to such a degree that finally answers started to come to me for questions that have bothered me for decades, and then one night in January 2018, BAM!, I had an experience as I fell asleep where it felt that I had progressed to another level,


when I awoke, I noticed that there was a presence that I was not aware of before, it calmed me, all at once my life had changed, I no longer ate meat, I had no inclination to drink alcohol and I was in much better control of my emotions.

more to come...