Ask and ye shall

Ask and Ye


Shall Receive

This shall be a webpage about information you seek

This shall be a web page that is made especially for the seekers of truth and enlightenment, it shall contain information and links to help enlighten and guide you to wisdom and truth.

all is spirit

All is Spirit

An Exercise in Knowledge


As you seek, as you ask, then you seek again, then you ask again, you must not lose sight of the purpose of all this exploration, it is ultimately Wisdom,


you don't what to breeze through book after book without paying close attention to your thoughts about what you are reading, is there a bell going off in you mind? Is there a light that grabs your attention?


This is what you must pay attention to, some of these things that you skim through, must be studied thoroughly until the light or bell is acknowledged, there wouldn't be this effect unless it was something important to be found.


You may find that certain literature must be read a few times before the importance of it is realized, you may even find that you will oscillate between different books on different days back and forth just to engage your mind enough to absorb what is needed to be understood.


Just power reading a bunch of various books on various subjects will not bring you wisdom or truth, only the careful discrimination and absorption of the materials in their entirety will benefit you.


Seeking should not be limited to just the reading of materials, the watching of spiritual programs can change your studies up and switch your input to different senses.


And study also does not have to be your only input into the divine, meditation is study of within and can give you revelations pointing towards your next avenue of study.


Exercises in concentration can help keep your mind sharp and enable you to discriminate these inputs of your studies, even though they may seem boring and a waste of time, the value gained in patience will pay off in great amounts.


All study and work can be taxing on your brain, switch up sometimes to stuff that is interesting but not necessarily on your seeking path, and sometimes this act will lead you to fresh seeking leads,


it's just your subconscience or intuition that is changing the study game to keep it interesting, of course it isn't necessarily bad if you just read something interesting that doesn't lead you anywhere,


it just gives your brain a break, I kind of like some video dominoes or video cribbage to change my thought process once in a while.

more to come...